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Other Implementations of Computerized Q-Sorting (Online or Offline)

I try to keep track here of existing q-sorting software and examples. Please tell me if you know applications not recorded here yet.

WebQSort Project by Christopher Correa
Allows researchers to create and run their own WebQ study. Neither programming expertise nor own webspace required.
Q-Assessor by Stan Kaufman
FlashQ by Christian Hackert
Well elaborated, easy to use design. Can be downloaded for free.
You will need the version modified by Rick Hoodenpyle, search for the download  link at
QSorter by Stephan Dekker and Carlo Scheungel at the "Vrije Universiteit" in Amsterdam
Qsorter is a general purpose tool for using the Q-sort method in behavioral science. With Qsorter, the user can sort the items of a Q-set in two steps, and score the observed Q-sort using one or several criterion Q-sorts.
Hotspot Online Analysis Package by John Kirkland at Massey Univ (NZ)
Features Java-applet software for sorting statements and for displaying participants' test profiles. Registration required (free). Using group access code: bim ler with registration and, thereafter, login
Q-Sortware (QSW) by Alessio Pruneddu and  Marcel Zentner. 
(at the moment 'in preparation'; the former site does not exist any more)
POETQ by Stephen Jeffares. 1 minute demo video -
Attachment Q-Sorter 2.0  by Stan Soria
Mac software for the computerized assessment of the Attachment Q-set, the Maternal Behavior Q-set, and the Parental Secure Base Support Q-set.
RAP (Riverside Accuracy Project) Q-Sorter Program  by David Funder

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