PQMethod Download Page for Windows Users

Current release is PQMethod 2.35 with PQROT 2.0 (10-Nov-2014) - For Windows users the DOSBox installation is not required and not recommended anymore. If you nevertheless want to keep to the DOSBox version you find the patch files for upgrading on the Download Page for Mac Users.

What's new?

For a complete list of changes see the file version.txt (as downloaded with the package).


Download,  Install and Run PQMethod for Windows

I have prepared now two different options for installing and running PQMethod: (a) the traditional, and still recommended, version that installs in the c:\pqmethod folder, and if that's not possible or not allowed on your office computer, (b) installing PQMethod anywhere else.

(a) Installing PQMethod on the c: drive:

  1. Download and unzip the pqm235win.zip,  and copy (drag & drop) the resulting folder PQMethod to your c: drive.
    If you have installed a former version of PQMethod in c:\pqmethod\ already, my recommendation simply is to backup the existing folder by renaming it.
  2. Copy the ready-made PQMethod_Shortcut  (with yellow-Q icon) from your c:\PQMethod folder to your desktop

  3. PQMethod is started by double-clicking the yellow-Q desktop icon, and then, as requested, entering the project name if the related project files are in the c:\pqmethod\projects folder. Alternatively, when project files are stored anywhere else, with drag&drop of one of the project files onto the Q icon.

(b) Installing PQMethod anywhere, e.g. on an USB-Stick or Flash Drive

  1. Download and unzip the pqm235win.zip,  and copy (drag & drop) the resulting folder PQMethod to any drive (and directory).

  2. Start PQMethod  by double-clicking the batch file PQMethod_OnMyDrive.bat. This installation version does not provide drag&drop functionality and project files must be in the projects subfolder.

Experienced IT users may find their own, preferred solution by adjusting the model .bat and .lnk files to their own needs.

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Peter Schmolck <Peter@schmolck.org> 2014-November-11